Frequently Asked Questions



When does the festival take place?


Sunday, April 26th from 3:30pm to 11pm - CEST - UTC/GMT+2h

Where does the festival take place?

At home, in your couch, in front of your computer or smart TV!

The livestreams happen in different places all over. The locations are not accessible to the general public to guarantee the safety of our crew and artists. Concerthalls that we are working with like AB, Trix, Handelsbeurs and Vooruit will NOT be open. There is no point in going there. 


Our Livestream Festival is meant to be enjoyed at home!

When do I get access to the virtual Festival Meadow?


At 2.30pm, one hour before the festival, you will receive a link with a password by email.

This link gives you access to the Livestream.


How do I enter the virtual festival site?


  1.  Open your email, this email will contain a link and a personal code.

  2.  Click on the Livestream URL in the email.

  3.  Once you are on the streaming page, paste or type your personal user code.

  4.  Press on the button  ‘GO TO LIVESTREAM’.

  5.  You now have access to the livestream.

If something goes wrong, try turning it of and on again. If it still does not work, you can use the help chatbox (use the speech bubble in the bottom right corner for customer support).


Can I revisit the Festival later?


We follow the principle: You're there or you're not.  The Festival will be broadcast live. It's not possible to watch or revisit it at a later time. This is a once-in-a-livestream event people ! Be there or be square!


Am I obliged to purchase multiple tickets for my family or roommates?


No, you are free to watch it together ,in your home, with everybody who lives there. With 1 ticket you get access to the festival site together with your housemates. Of course we don't stop you from buying a ticket for each of them . This will support our artists even more!



Do I need to download a program to watch the Livestream Festival?


If you have a standard browser, you're fine. Please check if you have the latest version.

We will send you a link an hour before the festival starts. When you open this link, your default browser will open.


If you can't log on to the stream, you can click underneath on the left. a pop up window will open; enter your code again, this should fix the problem. If it doesn't open the speech bubble on the bottom left for customer support.

If your browser gives a error notification on loading the website; try another browser. If this problem persists; e-mail us at or send us a FB message. Keep your ticket in reach !


On which browser can I view the Livestream Festival.


We support the following recent browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.


Can I stream on my television set?


If you have a casting module ( f.e. Chromecast or Apple TV) or you have access to a recent smart tv you can watch the festival on your television. It is possible to go through PlayStation 4 as well if you have this gaming console.


What do I need to watch and listen to the Livestream Festival?


You need a working internet connection with good connectivity. You also need a mobile phone, computer or smart TV.


If you are streaming on a laptop/tablet/phone; hook them up to a sound system, good headphones or a bluetooth music device for a better sound experience.


How does Artists Unlimited ensure image and sound quality?


We do everything we can to offer you the perfect virtual festival experience. We work with two professional parties that are specialised in live streamsing. They worked for f.e. Pukkelpop, Tomorrowland, We can Dance,‘De ronde tegen Corona',...


They bring the necessary experience and know-how to offer you the best experience.



How can I prepare for the Livestream Festival?


Make sure you have a good internet connection, a working connected device (mobile phone/tablet/computer/smart TV) and add your best available sound system, bluetooth speaker or headphones.


Oh yes and don't forget:

  • your favourite Fresh beer / soft drink

  • 1 poncho

  • Festival Food: Pizza is our favorite!

  • A comfortable chair/seat

  • And a roll of toilet paper! No problem for the hoarders among us :-D.

I don't have access to the live stream. what should I do?


  1. Check if your internet connection works

  2. Do you have 1 of the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox

  3. Are you running your browser latest version


If all this is okay and your stream is not working yet, click on the link on the left underneath the streaming box and re enter your code. If it still does not work please contact us via our chat bubble on the left corner of the screen. To help you quickly, we ask you to keep the order number on your ticket by hand.


Are the artists performing live?


Short and to the point. YES! We believe in the power of live performances. 




What are donations?


Donations are free gifts from our spectators. Donations are not obligatory. It is your choice to support Artists unlimited.


What are the donations for?


The donations are used for the start-up of the streaming platform. Our goal is to offer artists a source of income during these difficult times and beyond; by giving them a chance to organise their own payed live streaming concerts. And many other fan based content, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.


Why does Artists Unlimited do this?


Artists Unlimited was founded by musicians and music lovers. We are a non-profit organization. Why? We don't want to make a profit, but we do want to support the music industry as much as possible so the show can go ONline! With a decent monetization for musicians, they can keep creating music and we, the audiences can keep listening and enjoying their work.


Can i donate to a specific artist?


No, that's not possible, you can buy their merch if they have it. There is a link on their Artist Profile if they have merch available. This way you can support the artist even more.

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